Business Management Services

Taking your business to the next level

With our strong team of specialists we work to:


UNCOVER industry trends and opportunities


UNDERSTAND your customers and stake

DESIGN innovative products, services, and businesses


INCREASE brand engagement and sales

OPTIMISE entire value chain, lower operating costs using an approach that delivers sustainable benefits

To summarise we help you "TRANSFORM"  your enterprise from a family owned or small enterprise to a corporate entity.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation is a change management strategy which is aimed to align People, Process and Technology initiatives of a company more closely with its business strategy and vision to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and enhancement in stakeholder value.


To transform, the end state must be radically different to the starting point, not by tinkering around the edges but like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

When market leaders exhibit incumbent inertia, disruptive players move in quickly with a completely different mind-set, offer new/ improved types of products (material/ quality/ life/ appeal/ warranty/ pricing/  ….) enhancing value to customer and capture business in diverse ways.


For established companies, the factors that created efficient working and successful culture in a stable environment have become detrimental during disruptive market shifts.


They find themselves at the “fork in the road” and have to make difficult choices and trade-offs to protect their business.  This cannot be sustained for too long and thus arises the need for a transformation.

Maxentra while formulating the path forward ensures :

•Performance is the objective to lead to increased sales, reduced costs and usage of all assets

•Strategy and structures matter and if necessary suggest to augment with necessary manpower and machine resources

•Teams are the key building blocks which can then become high performing functional units

•Process must embody values

•Learning oriented and an evolutionary process even though it may take a bit longer time

Focus on priorities than on all fronts

Corporate finance, Private Equity, Debt restructuring, Venture Capital

Every organisation needs finance. The requirement of type of finance depends on the application for which it is sought. Maxentra has a robust portfolio of investors, bankers and NBFCs to provide the apt type of finance at reasonable cost.

We can also help you analyse what type of finance would best suit your requirements.

We not just provide finance we also advise on optimal financial management which helps in reducing overall cost of financing thereby adding to you bottom line.

Operations management - Build.Operate.Expamd.INtegrate.Globalise

Strategic planning and execution

•Plant location : analysis of availability and benefits from suitable land including government incentives

•Product and project feasibility

•Analysis of tax sops as applicable to the  prospective unit

•Project finance

•Complete handholding from acquisition of land , statutory permission, to setting up the plant and commencement of commercial production


Advise and assist in enhancing all key operations of your business Marketing, Production, Supplychain, Quality,


•Organic growth

–Backward or forward integration  for the given segment

–End to end solutions from Strategy development, due dilligence, feasibility, financing and execution for green field projects


–Ground breaking for probable acquisitions

–Due diligence and feasibility studies


•Mapping of policies with changing economic and regulatory environment for domestic as well as international business


•Consolidation of all lines of business within an industry.


•Standarisation of policies and procedures across all group companies.


•Review of merger of group companies its pros and cons


•Brand engagements with international organisations

•Technical collaborations and joint ventures

•Investment in overseas green/brown field projects